AED Emergency - 24/7 real time system monitoring

AED Emergency offers the worlds leading 24/7 AED monitoring and online management system to conduct continuous monitoring of the device/s performance in REAL-TIME saving countless man hours on manual checking and associated costs.

Through a centralised data network, the AED Emergency System transforms any AED into a remotely monitored emergency response system without the need to drain power from the AED and virtually eliminates the risk of a non-operational device in an emergency.

We have a solution for any location or environment with multiple features that include:

  • Integrated "EMERGENCY HELP" phone
  • Electronic keypad locking system with optional remote opening
  • Infrared surveillance camera for recording of AED's user
  • 24v electrical safety system
  • Backup battery that reports power failure
  • All-weather construction
  • Vandal resistant
  • Remote cabinet climate control programming
  • Cabinet internal lighting system
  • Management of AED's electrodes, batteries
  • Planed and managed preventative maintenance program

Emergency Alerts

The system is designed to automatically call the owners central number AND send "EMERGENCY OPENING" mass SMS / Email notifications to nominated responders and management when;

  1. Cabinet opening;
  2. Removal of the defibrillator
  3. AED fault or system malfunction
  4. Temperature alert