We provide defibrillators and rescue equipment to surf, sports and marine rescue organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

We’re experienced in delivering solutions for installation at the beach, on golf courses, at sports fields, gymnasiums, pools or in just about any location you can think of, including:

  • Fixed and fully portable Defibrillators
  • Weatherproof Cabinets
  • Hard Cases
  • Monitoring

Eyes on your defibrillator 24x7

Defibrillator monitoring ensures your defibrillator is secure, accessible and ready for use – and you’ll know if attention is required.

Protection from the elements

Our outdoor cabinets and towers protect your defibrillator and deliver real time alerts in the event of an emergency.

Need a portable solution?

We also provide fully equipped oxy-backpacks and portable hard cases which are popular with professional rescue teams who regularly save lives in a range of locations.

Our sporting and rescue customers often choose these products

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