100 Series Cabinet

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the 100 Series is an alarmed and illuminated public access AED wall cabinet suitable for storing any brand of AED.

This model has enabled a large scale deployment of AEDs in indoor locations such as banks, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, universities, gymnasiums, workplaces, retirement villages and chemists… the 100 Series model is extremely popular and versatile.

Robust and lightweight, the modern design of this model is composed of a green ABS chassis and a clear anti-UV shock resistant poly-carbonate cover.

About the 100 series cabinet

Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use
Monitoring: Non-monitored
Access type: Open access cabinet - the AED is freely available to by-standers in the case of an emergency.
Compatible with: All leading brand AEDs
Dimensions: 338 mm (W) x 423 mm (H) x 201 mm (D)
Weight: 3.5 kg
Fabrication: Impact-resistant transparent polycarbonate cover and green ABS base
  • Easy to install
  • 3 x 8 mm wall holes
Battery power:
  • Battery powered - this indoor alarmed cabinet is battery-powered.
  • 4 x D size batteries (included)
Alarm: Alarmed - removing the AED from the cabinet will immediately trigger a visual alarm with flashing red LEDs as well as an audible alarm (90dB).
Day/Night lighting:
  • Automatic day / night lighting - integrated light sensor to light up the AED compartment in dark conditions
  • Flashing white LED in low ambient light conditions to help identify the location of the AED Emergency Cabinet
Customised label:

The AED sign is displayed on the front cover and on both sides of the cabinet, an AED / ANZCOR symbol also identifies the cabinet and AED as a vital emergency life saving device.

The front label clearly shows the chain of survival in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest and clear instructions.

The front label can be customised to provide additional information for a greater visual impact and compliance with customer requirements.

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