Zoll AED 3 Trainer

  • Integrated Real CPR Help®: The ZOLL AED 3 Trainer incorporates real-time compression feedback (rate and depth) during compressions when using the ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz.
  • "Pads On" manikin detection: The ZOLL AED 3 Trainer moves to the "analysis" state once the trainee places the CPR Uni-padz on the manikin.
  • Active LCD Display: The full colour display mimics the ZOLL AED 3 and displays rescue images along with the real-time compression bar when the trainee is performing compressions.
  • Easy Configuration: Configuration is performed directly on the trainer. There is no need for a remote control. Available options include:
  • Training scenario
  • Lay Rescuer Prompts (ON/OFF)
  • Check Breathing Prompts (ON/OFF)
  • Real CPR Help Prompts (ON/OFF)
  • Adult/Child Operation
  • Semi-Automatic/Fully Automatic
  • One trainer for both types of devices. The ZOLL AED 3 Trainer can easily convert from a Semi-Automatic mode to a Fully Automatic mode.
  • Long lasting training pad: The electrode pads are designed to last for a minimum of 50 training classes. The electrode harness is designed to last for a minimum of 100 training classes.

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Package includes:
  • 1 x ZOLL AED 3 Trainer
  • 1 x ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz Electrode Training Harness, Electrode Pads, and Liner
  • 4 x D-cell Batteries
  • 1 x ZOLL AED 3 Trainer Operator’s Guide
  The ZOLL AED 3TM Trainer is used to demonstrate and practice complete Sudden Cardiac Arrest rescue simulations, including delivering shocks and performing CPR.

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