Public Access Solutions

Your solution may be as simple as a defibrillator and cabinet, or one of the many versatile emergency tower options

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AED Emergency

Australian Defibrillators' all weather Public Access Emergency Towers and Cabinets provide a true public access AED and emergency support system.

Our unique system ensures that AEDs are maintained, accessible and ready for use at all times.

They provide quick and easy access to a fully operational defibrillator. The towers and cabinets are fully monitored and communicate with local emergency responders, providing an emergency help point.

AED Emergency Towers and Cabinets are easily identified and can be customised for your community or organisation, location and environment. A tailored response protocol can support bystanders until emergency services arrive.

AED Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet Solutions

We have invested in the development and advancement of a fully-monitored public access AED cabinet and emergency response system that can now be installed in almost any location and environment.

Our systems have already helped save many lives after being installed, in both indoor and outdoor locations, to ensure the AED is accessible and, most importantly, ready for use where large numbers of people gather.

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AED Emergency - 24/7 real time system monitoring

AED Emergency remotely monitors defibrillators and response systems throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The 24/7 real time system monitoring and reporting ensures the AED is fully operational and ready for use.

Our system can also provide secure and assisted access to the defibrillator, automated notifications to onsite or community responders when the AED has been deployed and act as an emergency help point.

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