Mindray BeneHeart D1 Public AED Trainer

The Mindray BeneHeart D1 AED Trainer is an invaluable teaching tool for the training of students in defibrillation, the operating modes of the unit and the use of an AED as part of a rescue protocol.

The Mindray BeneHeart D1 AED Trainer is similar to a functional BeneHeart D1 Public AED in looks and operation. The unit is distinguished as an AED training device and unable to be used to defibrillate a real patient.

The unit comes with a remote control that allows the trainer to simulate a variety of situations as part of the accredited training or general knowledge on the use of an AED.

Training pack includes

  • BeneHeart D1 Trainer Unit
  • Remote control
  • Reusable adult and paediatric pads
  • Cable
  • AA batteries x 8
  • Storage bag
  • Operator’s manual

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